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  • Garrett
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    URLParams > Page Not Found? Link to this post


    I am attempting to create a filter on a SQLQuery much like the Blog module does using:

    ...using $allowed_actions array and a function:

    function SelectedSector() {
    return ($this->request->latestParam('ID') == 'sector') ? Convert::raw2xml($this->request->latestParam('OtherID')) : '';

    ...where my URL structure is:

    As you can see I have another step in that URL which is why I am using the ID and then the OtherID params (instead of the standard 'Action' and then 'ID').

    I then want to take the output of this SelectedSector function and use it to build a string for my query. Again, exactly like the 'tagCheck' variable in the BlogTree (function Entries()).

    I am echoing $this->request->latestParams() in my Page class and everything looks good there. I am getting 'sector' as my ID and 'Digital+Media' as my OtherID. However, I am getting a Page Not Found error when I make the request! In the blog module, there is no Page whose URL is "tag," yet this works there. What am I doing wrong? I tried to copy this functionality as closely as possible. Why would I need a Page with this exact URL for this to work? I thought that was the whole point of the $allowed_actions array. What am I missing?

    I've attached the file in question.

    Thanks SS Gurus,

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