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    Creating Custom Reports based on Excel Data File Link to this post

    Hey guys,

    I'm working for a company and trying to automate some of their reports and integrate this into their intranet. Currently we have to run reports via access and excel ( I know I know, I cringed as well ) and then export to PDF and send it out to whoever may need it. I'm currently working on the intranet and trying to get it to display there, so that all users who need any report, can log in and check out the data they need, and if needed print it.

    So, my question/query/headache/insanity is, is there a way for SilverStripe to grab data out of a Excel File, and then have it be displayed on SilverStripe, either as part of the reporting tab, or even as a page that only groups who are enabled for it can see. This report is dynamic, in the sense they users have to be able to search through the data for specific things, or specific groups such as a customer orders from a certain date range, so if working directly with an excel file is not possible, or too slow, is there a way to still display all this data after its been imported into the MySQL database, and if yes, how would that be done in a way to make sure the attributes are named correctly so as to be able to format it properly to show in certain groups and things of that sort. Oh and exporting to PDF would be awesome as well.

    I know this is a whole lot, but I've tried breaking it down to simple things and learning them, but considering this is what a forum is for, I was wondering if anyone had ideas.

    Thank you muchly in advance.


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