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  • Willr
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    Re: Gridfield - Save and add another Link to this post

    buttons are turning up on my add or edit pages for gridfield records.

    The buttons don't automatically show up AFAIK, you have to edit the PHP code to add the fields to the objects you need them on.

  • Rossel
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    Re: Gridfield - Save and add another Link to this post

    botheredbybees or anyone else who finds this.
    If you are using SS 3.0 you need to make sure you get the silverstripe-gridfield-betterbuttons 3.0 Branch code off github: https://github.com/unclecheese/silverstripe-gridfield-betterbuttons/tree/3.0 , The download only seemed to grab the latest master version, so you might have to copy and past the 3.0 branch code and replace anything that is different. But it works now.
    thank f*k.

    Willr - Also didnt need to add any additional php code. just upload & dev/build?flush=all

  • cSGermany
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    Re: Gridfield - Save and add another Link to this post


    I also have a problem with it. If got two Silverstripe sites - better buttons is working on my private page and i thought it would be great for the companypage i'm working on.

    Both are running Sivlerstripe 3.0.5.

    I downloaded the betterbuttons directory from my private site and uploaded it to the company page. Than I ran a dev/build?flush=1 and tried it. But it wont work there :/

    What can I do?
    Any Ideas how to debug?

    Thx in advance

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