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  • AstroDaz
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    Newbie question on sidebars Link to this post

    Hi all

    SS: 3.0.2
    MySQL: 5.5.24
    PHP: 5.4.3
    Apache: 2.4.2
    Win 7 64-bit

    I am slowly getting to grips with how SS is laid out and have managed to add a new page type with an additional field into the CMS.... OK so far.

    Now, I would like to be able to choose a sidebar for a page, from a list of sidebars that have been created in the CMS.
    My thoughts are:

    Create a SideBarPage page type, hidden from the menu
    Create a parent SideBarHolder page type, allowing children of SideBarPage, hidden from the menu
    Create an additional field in the CMS with a drop-down list of any SideBarPage that exist
    Have the layout automatically include the content from the chosen sidebar

    The first two bits I can do! Well, I can create a drop-down list OK, but how can I link that to the SideBarHolder childen?
    And then how do I use that in the layout?

    Any pointers gratefully received


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