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    Fragment Links Auto-Adding to SideBar/Navigation Link to this post

    Hello again to all,

    I'm having a bit of trouble understanding how Fragment Links work in Silverstripe. I have an article on our company intranet that I've created using SS 3.0.2 and while this article is really long because its a tutorial, most users are really lazy to have to scroll. I'm trying to make the navigation a little easier by adding Fragment Links (#Tag Anchors) to quickly jump down the page to a relevant section, which will be clicked on from the sidebar menu.

    What is the best approach for this? I could manually add the Fragment Links to the WikiPage.ss and remove the sidebar include and have all article that need it, have its own style of navigation, but I was hoping there would be a better, and more or less automatic way to grab all Fragment Links and add them to the the menu as a listed link, as a child of the current page (In perspective of the sidebar menu).

    Thank you in advance for all help put forward.


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