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  • dany_doo
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    SS2.4.7 => memory exhausted -- lot of members Link to this post

    we have a big database (over 22.000) of sport clubs (ClubPage) and every ClubPage has at least on entry in Member table..

    When trying to admin clubs:

    class ClubAdmin extends ModelAdmin {

       public static $managed_models = array(

    search is working and I get my results in CMS.. but if I click to edit one club, i get following error:

    Allowed memory size of 118489088 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 46 bytes) in /home/site33/web/sapphire/core/model/DataObject.php on line 350

    Sometimes it throws an error in MySQLDatabase.php on line where the nextRecord function is (i think 1081 or something)..

    ClubPage is DataObject with has_one Member.. and my Member DataObjectDecorator has one ClubPage..

    what I am missing here?!

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