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    2.4.7 - Admin Sitetree not refreshing on add or delete page Link to this post


    I'd say I'm still relatively new to Silverstripe, have been using it at work for about 1 year and setup over 15 websites with it.

    Never had any issues with the backend, but I have had to setup a more complex sitetree for one particular site and recently have had some issues with the refreshing of the sitetree in the left side bar.

    Usually, when you create a page it appears in real time in orange as in the screenshot attached (left-sitetree.jpg). However, not anymore.
    When you delete a page, it also gets removed in real-time, not anymore.

    I have compared the headers with another site that doesnt have this issue and noticed that in both cases a call to:

    POST http://mydomain.com/admin/AddPageOptionsForm gets called sucessfully

    but that it should be followed by:

    POST http://mydomain.com/admin/getitem?ID=xxx&locale=fr_FR&ajax=1, which is not the case.

    (see second screenshot "console-post.jpg" for Firebug info taken from fully functional one)

    I have googled and searched various classes and JS files but not figured out a solution to my problem.
    Hoping someone can give me some advice

    Also consider that I have setup various user groups and each group can only edit certain pages.
    In Page type classes and in CustomSiteConfig I have also set group specific parts.

    Not sure if that could be a possible cause, but I don't think so, at least hasnt happend on other sites where I have used similar conditionals.

    Thanks !

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