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  • lozhowlett
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    Creating a multi step process in admin Link to this post


    I want to create a 3 step process is the admin system, which is going to take some serious customisation.

    Step 1: Select venue and enter event details
    Step 2: Select dates for the event
    Step 3: Select car parks available for event and set pricing

    Is this even possible? Thanks

  • ajthenewguy
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    Re: Creating a multi step process in admin Link to this post

    That might actually be pretty easy, just use conditionals on the getCMSFields function, check for fields set, and depending on which ones are already set, present a different set of fields.

    $StepOneFields = new CompositeField(
    new DropdownField('VenueID', 'Venue', Venu::get()->map())

    $StepTwoFields = new CompositeField(
    new GridField('Dates', 'Dates', $this->Dates())

    $StepThreeFields = new CompositeField(
    new GridField('CarParks', 'Car Parks', CarParks::get()->map())

    if( !$this->ID ) $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Main', $StepOneFields);
    elseif( $this->ID && $this->VenueID ) $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Main', $StepTwoFields);
    elseif( $this->ID && empty($this->CarParks()) ) $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Main', $StepThreeFields);
    else // Add all 3 CompositeFields to FieldList

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