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  • JGC
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    Multiple ComplexTableFields in CMS Link to this post


    In the documentation for CTFs, they're all shown as using a parameter "MyName" (which goes where the relation name would go).

    I'm modifying the CMS and trying to get different Page Types to show different CTFs. Each Page Type has its own class which extends Page, and it's pulling in only one table with no relations, which has its own class which extends DataObject.

    BandMembers.php - table


    class BandMembers extends DataObject
    public static $db = array
    'BandFirstName' => 'Text',
    'BandFamilyName' => 'Text',
    'BandInstruments' => 'Text',
    'BandMemberBlurb' => 'Text'

    public static $has_one = array();

    class BandMembers_Controller extends ContentController

    AboutPage.php - About Page page type

    class AboutPage extends Page

    ## Set up the database

    static $db = array
    'BackgroundTitle' => 'Text',
    'BackgroundContent' => 'HTMLText',
    # Some more DB fields here, no name clashes or anything

    function getCMSFields()
    $fields = parent::getCMSFields();

    # Create Band Member management tab
    $showMembers = new ComplexTableField(
    'BandFirstName' => 'Forename',
    'BandFamilyName' => 'Surname',
    'BandInstruments' => 'Instrument(s)'
    new FieldSet(
    new TextField('BandFirstName', 'Forename'),
    new TextField('BandFamilyName', 'Surname'),
    new TextField('BandInstruments', 'Instrument(s)'),
    new HTMLEditorField('BandMemberBlurb', 'Band Member Blurb')


    $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.BandMembers', $showMembers);
    return $fields;

    The problem is I can only use "MyName" as a parameter for one Page Type like this - other Page Types using MyName will pull in this form. Using anything else gives a error of "I can't handle sub-URLs of a ... object" (Form, in this case).

    The member Dig here says he fixed it here:
    "EDIT: I fixed it, I was being too clever and not constructing the full form if it wasn't being requested for displaying. Basically any path the exits early before creating the full form with the ComplexTableField in it will break it. Makes sense when you think about it!"

    I'd try to return a form, except I have to return a FieldSet for getCMSMethods.

    Any suggestions on how I can fix it to allow multiple CTFs with different tables?

    Each CTF only needs to show data from one table.

    Thanks in advance

  • JGC
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    Re: Multiple ComplexTableFields in CMS Link to this post

    Been trying to solve this for a while now, any ideas would be very much appreciated.

  • dio5
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    Re: Multiple ComplexTableFields in CMS Link to this post

    Hmm, not sure I'm really understanding you but in most of my cases I'd have a 'singular' named DataObject subclass (BandMember), which would lead to

    - where you have 'MyName' I'd have 'BandMembers' (the 'Name' of the table)
    - where you have 'BandMembers' I'd have 'BandMember' (the SourceClass).

    The BandMember class is dataobject and is 'one' item in the BandMembers ctf.

    Also, is there a specific reason why you're making a controller for the dataobject? (In most normal cases, dataobjects don't have a controller).

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