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  • BLU42 Media
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    add_extension woes... Link to this post

    I'm trying to put together a USDatetime Module for future release and am using a series of Extensions to get the job done. I've run into a bit of a problem that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on.

    When trying to add an extension to DMYDateField (which is a child of CalendarDateField, which is a child of DateField - both of which have extensions), I'm only getting one confirmed extension ... the DateField extension. If I comment out the DateField extension, then it defaults to the CalendarDateField extension. It's looking like this:

    class A {}
    class B extends A {}
    class C extends B {}

    A::add_extension()   //   no problems
    B::add_extension()   //   A extension only
    C::add_extension()   //   A extension only

    Any ideas on why this is defaulting to the top parent extension? Or better yet, how to implement this sort of behavior?


  • Ingo
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    Re: add_extension woes... Link to this post

    First of all, we're planning a rewrite of the formfield API for better localization support, see http://open.silverstripe.com/ticket/2931
    Its good to have extensions like USDateTime as short-term fixes though.

    I'm assuming you're calling Object::add_extension('A','<your-ext-name>') instead of A::add_extension()? Static classes (currently) don't know about their classname, hence the two arguments for the method.
    The static handling in SilverStripe needs some polish, it might well be the cause of this error. An abbreviated code example which we can fire up and debug would be ideal (perhaps even a unit test class?).

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