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  • jester12345
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    CMS Customization Recommendations? Link to this post

    I've been evaluating SilverStripe for about a week now and I need to come to a quick conclusion as to whether or not it's appropriate to migrate to. Hopefully the answer is yes because I like everything I've seen.

    My hesitation is with regard to how customizable the CMS will be. Specifically, our site now has a pretty advanced tool for managing menus. Each menu lasts 4 weeks. Each day of the menu allows you to pick a main course, several sides, and a dessert. The interaction for this is a drag and drop function so you can just drag the food choices you need onto each day. Of course you can add and change the food choices as well. This interface is very easy to use for the office staff - it's both quick and simple. I need to be able to recreate this.

    So, I need to know that I can insert this new type of control in the CMS. I'm not necessarily looking to solve this issue today as I think I still need to get deeper into the product first. I just need to know it can be done. Is there a module that I should look at for inspiration? Are there other forum threads I haven't stumbled upon yet? With the blog module, for instance, I note that much of the admin section is actually in the external pages, rather than the CMS itself. My preference would be to keep it in the CMS if possible, but if not, I can certainly consider this methodology as an alternative.

    All advice and suggestions are appreciated.

  • Aram
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    Re: CMS Customization Recommendations? Link to this post

    Hi Jester

    I am pretty sure you can do just about anything in the CMS if you are willing to delve quite deep, have a look at the Module Creating docs for some idea: http://doc.silverstripe.org/doku.php?id=creating-modules

    How is the system currently implemented? If its already in a front then you could very easily port that over to SS, creating custom dataobjects to represent each element and forming relationships between them.
    I am probably not the ideal person to give you details, but I almost certain it will be possible however you decide to implement it.

    Hope that helps (although perhaps not a whole lot!)

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