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  • Entar
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    Authenticator::set_default_authenticator problem Link to this post

    hey all!

    I have a little problem with authenticators. I'm trying to change default authenticator, plus remove all other (in my case it's just MemberAuthenticator). Code in my _config.php:

    Authenticator::set_default_authenticator('ExtendedAuthenticator'); // seems not work at all

    it works well, I'm going to /Security/login/ to test my authenticator and it seems something go wrong from this point:

    [User Error] Passed invalid authentication method
    POST /Security/LoginForm
    Line 215 in C:\Server\httpd\web\sapphire\security\Security.php

    206       if(isset($this->requestParams['AuthenticationMethod'])) {
    207          $authenticator = trim($_REQUEST['AuthenticationMethod']);
    209          $authenticators = Authenticator::get_authenticators();
    210          if(in_array($authenticator, $authenticators)) {
    211             return call_user_func(array($authenticator, 'get_login_form'), $this);
    212          }
    213       }
    215       user_error('Passed invalid authentication method', E_USER_ERROR);
    216    }
    219 /**
    220     * Get the login forms for all available authentication methods
    221     *


    * Passed invalid authentication method
    Line 215 of Security.php
    * Security->LoginForm(HTTPRequest)
    Line 162 of Controller.php
    * Controller->handleAction(HTTPRequest)
    Line 107 of RequestHandler.php
    * RequestHandler->handleRequest(HTTPRequest)
    Line 122 of Controller.php
    * Controller->handleRequest(HTTPRequest)
    Line 262 of Director.php
    * Director::handleRequest(HTTPRequest,Session)
    Line 106 of Director.php
    * Director::direct(/Security/LoginForm)
    Line 115 of main.php

    Is there any way to change authentication class not getting this errors? My main task is to add new conditions to login, like is user activated or not check. I've already added necessary things to db, so this check is last one... Thanks!

  • Entar
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    19 Posts
  • Mo
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    Re: Authenticator::set_default_authenticator problem Link to this post

    Wow, this is a 4 year old post I am bumping, I think that is a first!

    I am having a similar problem, I have a custom authenticator, loaded exactly as @Entar describes.

    I have a login widget that loads the new authenticator and I can login using that, but if I try to use the login form, it causes this error?

    I get the impression I am missing a step?



  • Mo
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    Re: Authenticator::set_default_authenticator problem Link to this post

    Right, I found a solution for this, hopefully it will help anyone else with this issue.

    My problem was that on my custom authentication form, I had set the param $authenticator_class wrong. The param needs to be set to:

    class CustomLoginForm extends MemberLoginForm {

    protected $authenticator_class = "MyAuthenticationClass";


    Hope that helps someone else who gets stuck on this.


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