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  • snaip
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    default creating page in CMS Link to this post

    is there any way that CMS will be creating another default pages like Home, Contact, AboutUs ??

    for example i create StuffPage and i want that the CMS will automatically add a new Page Type to my StuffPage

    - StuffPage
    -- new Page Type add by CMS

  • dospuntocero
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    Re: default creating page in CMS Link to this post

    off course you can, look how the blog module works:

        * Create default blog setup
       function requireDefaultRecords() {
          if(!DataObject::get_one('BlogHolder')) {
             $blogholder = new BlogHolder();
             $blogholder->Title = "Blog";
             $blogholder->URLSegment = "blog";
             $blogholder->Status = "Published";
             $widgetarea = new WidgetArea();
             $blogholder->SideBarID = $widgetarea->ID;
             $blogholder->publish("Stage", "Live");
             $managementwidget = new BlogManagementWidget();
             $managementwidget->ParentID = $widgetarea->ID;
             $tagcloudwidget = new TagCloudWidget();
             $tagcloudwidget->ParentID = $widgetarea->ID;
             $archivewidget = new ArchiveWidget();
             $archivewidget->ParentID = $widgetarea->ID;
             $blog = new BlogEntry();
             $blog->Title = _t('BlogHolder.SUCTITLE', "SilverStripe blog module successfully installed");
             $blog->URLSegment = 'sample-blog-entry';
             $blog->setDate(date("Y-m-d H:i:s",time()));
             $blog->Tags = _t('BlogHolder.SUCTAGS',"silverstripe, blog");
             $blog->Content = _t('BlogHolder.SUCCONTENT',"Congratulations, the SilverStripe blog module has been successfully installed. This blog entry can be safely deleted. You can configure aspects of your blog (such as the widgets displayed in the sidebar) in the CMS.");
             $blog->Status = "Published";
             $blog->ParentID = $blogholder->ID;
             $blog->publish("Stage", "Live");
             Database::alteration_message("Blog page created","created");

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