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  • jorrie
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    Custom implemenation, i dare the experts! Link to this post

    Dear Everyone,

    SilverStripe is great and I would like to use it to do the following:

    - Use the subsites module to create different virtual sites
    - Link several domains to sliverstripe login page, so the users of those sites can login
    - After login they should be served there own admin section where there can edit there subsite website
    - Each site should have a few pages pre created + 1 contact form users should be able to change these on a per-user base

    - Users can register and get a temporary place to edit there own site.. this would not be visible to anyone except the user itself
    true a link like www.mysliverstripeinstall.com/customers/customername
    - User can register on a custom made page with there personal details, they can set there own password including checks if a user already exists and print out error messages if they do
    - After registration the user recieves an email with there details and user name + password
    - These created users should be visisble in the admin to the admin only, there should be an option for the admin to "move" these users to a subsite website that is created by hand in the admin, there domain can then be linked to the mysilverstripeinstall.com site, they can however login from login.mysilverstripeinstall.com even if they are not "full" user yet.

    If anyone can point me out in the right direction this would be higly appreciated,
    I can provide webspace on a fast server and network in return. Also if some of above requires custom coding i would like to request you to contact me true the private function on this board for a quote on this. I would consider hire someone for this, but dont expect a thousand dollar buget, this site if for a football/soccer players and its a non profit solution.

    I have been looking around a long time for a solution, silverstripe seems to be the best and solid solution that provides most of these functions out of the box! I hope to hear from any of the experts on this board, can you tackle above and can you provide me with some details on how i can acchieve (some parts) of the above request? Or make me an quote if you think you can achieve this.

    Kind regards have a nice day!

    Can this be done with sliverstripe, can anyone help me in the correct dirrection and tell me if this is possible and how this can be achieved?

  • Aram
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    Re: Custom implemenation, i dare the experts! Link to this post

    Hi Jorrie

    Not sure if this covers the exactly what you want for the login, but it might get you part of the way there: http://www.ssbits.com/custom-login-form-with-group-based-redirection/


  • jorrie
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    Re: Custom implemenation, i dare the experts! Link to this post

    Is this possible now?

    Please reply
    thanks in advanche

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