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  • Anatol
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    escaping HTML tags in page title Link to this post


    I'm looking for a way to allow escaped HTML tags in the page title. It's no problem to use $Title.XML in the template to escape the tags properly, but if I have a title like "<p> The Paragraph Tag" it confuses the site tree in the CMS. How can I escape HTML titles in the CMS site tree?

    I can enter "&lt;p&gt; The Paragraph Tag" into the navigation label field and it works - but it's always nice to have escapes done automatically. And this could also be a possible error source if a client uses a page title with a '<' or '>' character.


  • Aram
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    Re: escaping HTML tags in page title Link to this post

    Hi Anatol

    I think you could use onBeforeWrite() to escape the string using htmlentities() before writing, something like this:

    function onBeforeWrite(){

    $this->Title = htmlentities($this->Title);

    return Parent::onBeforeWrite();

    Havn't tried it but something like that should work

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