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    Multiple Sites, One Install... Link to this post

    I'm wondering if anyone can help clarify this issue for me. Getting Silverstripe running off one codebase seems a common question in the formus, but no clear resolution... I am trying to get Silverstripe working off one codebase to make updating multiple sites easier. All the core directories/files are referenced back to one location using symbolic links for each SS install. Everything works great, except when the sapphire folder is moved outside the directory root (eg /var/silverstripe/), it breaks as the assets folder is being looked for with a relative url, relative to the document root. From what I can make out from other forum posts, changes need to be made to the gd.php, files.php and folders.php files in the sapphire framework to make sapphire follow an absolute path to the assets directory instead of relative. My question is what changes need to be made??? Can anyone who has got this working help?? This would be a great addition to commit to the SS core at some stage as there seems to be alot of questions regarding this issue.

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