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  • OutrunTheWolf
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    Blank Site After Creating Homepage Class Link to this post

    Hello all,

    I've been using Silverstripe for several months, and after creating a new Homepage class for a website, can only see a blank page whenever I visi the site.

    It seems that Silverstripe is requesting the right pages, in the URL bar on my browser I can see the page name, and it takes time to load, but it shows absolutely nothing, including when I goto /admin.

    I ran a dev/build and it came up with only:

    Building Database

    Creating database tables
    # TrackBackPing
    # PageComment
    # SiteTree
    # Email_BounceRecord
    # QueuedEmail
    # File
    # Group
    # LoginAttempt
    # Member
    # MemberPassword
    # Permission
    # Widget
    # WidgetArea

    I Completely wiped the server, and re-installed Silverstripe which worked fine under the Blackcandy Theme, but as soon as I uploaded my site to the themes folder, It turned back to a blank page.

    If anyone has any ideas, i could really do with some help. Thanxs

  • PGiessler
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    Re: Blank Site After Creating Homepage Class Link to this post

    Hello OutrunTheWolf,

    Why do you create a Homepage.class? You only have to build and upload your template files, which you can set in your config.php. If you want to write your own functions for a predefined site, you need different class. Otherwise you only edit the _config.php.

    If you don't know what I mean, then you can post again.

    Best regards,


  • Aram
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    Re: Blank Site After Creating Homepage Class Link to this post

    Hi Outrunthewolf

    This means there is an error occuring, most likely a simple syntax error somewhere, but because you are working on the live site it wont display the error.

    You can either add the url of your site into the dev list in the _config.php or you can set the errors to be sent to an email address by adding this line to your config:

    if(Director::isLive()) Debug::send_errors_to("your@email.com");

    You should then get an error you can use to resolve the problem

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