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  • Anatol
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    custom image resize Link to this post


    I'm a bit confused. I want to create a new resize function that I can call from the template. According to a recipe I added this to mysite/Page.php :

    class Page extends SiteTree
    static $has_one = array(
    'Image' => 'Page_Image' // We define Page_Image, which is a subclass of Image

    Then I added a custom function, also to mysite/Page.php

    class Page_Image extends Image { // This class can go inside the same file as Page.php   
       function generatePaddedImageByWidth($gd) {
          $height = $gd->getHeight;
          return $gd->paddedResize(500, $height);

    The function creates a padded image with a maximum width, but keeps the original image height (it basically creates an image that is horizontally centered with white padding on the left and on the right).

    Unfortunately it doesn't work. But if I put the following into /sapphire/core/model/Image.php it works well:

    function generatePaddedImageByWidth(GD $gd, $width) {
       $height = $gd->getHeight();
       return $gd->paddedResize($width, $height);

    I would just prefer not to change core code but keep changes in Page.php. Any hint is highly appreciated.


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