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  • Ryoken
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    Show Character Count on TextField in Admin End Link to this post

    I'm looking for the most efficient, and reusable way, to display the character count on Text fields in the admin end.. Ideally only on fields where a maximum length is shown..

    Currently I just add a literal field under the Text Fields with a "Maximum Length of X Characters"... What I'd like is to have it be something like "X of Y Characters Used" or the like.. Best case it would be done automatically, as in any TextFields that have a limit will automatically get the feedback under them ( Which I'm sure would be the most complex to initially create, but would be idea for reusing on project after project.. ), but if being more manual with inline scripts is the best way, then I'll gladly take it.

    Any ideas ?
    My web strengths are more in the area of CSS and HTML, not PHP and Javascript, so it's a little out of my league.

    I would be most thankful for any help.

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