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  • rainerh
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    Translatable Problems Link to this post

    Hello everybody,

    I'm building a web site with multilingual content. I've followed the steps according to http://doc.silverstripe.com/doku.php?id=multilingualcontent:
    1) Default Installation of Silverstripe
    2) adding "Object::add_extension('SiteTree', 'Translatable'); Translatable::set_default_locale('de_DE');" to mysite/_config.php
    3) running /dev/build

    Everything seemed OK so far. Unfortunately when I go into the administration menu the "Site Content" menu button is shown twice. I've attached a screenshot.

    Does somebody know what could have went wrong here?

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  • rainerh
    Community Member
    23 Posts

    Re: Translatable Problems Link to this post

    OK, problem solved. There was a class that inherited from LeftAndMain. When the CMS menu ist build all classes that are subclasses from LeftAndMain are included automatically.
    In my opinion there should be some property (which can be set to true by default) if the class should be shown in the menu.
    The only way to remove a menu item is to add a line to _config.php which exectutes CMSMenu::remove_item($code). IMHO a property would be the more elegant solution. If needed I could provide a patch for that matter...

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