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  • theAlien
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    require plain CDATA js-code trough function init() Link to this post


    I would like to incorporate some plain CDATA js-code (code that's not in a .js-file) through the function init().
    My js-code uses some data from a database-field, and if I put this variable in a .js-file it breaks.

    So I ended up stuffing the plain js-code in an include-template, but that of course is a bad hack.

    After a while I found out that the plain CDATA js in the default-template is inserted by the validator.php file on line 161:

    function includeJavascriptValidation() {
    $js = <<<JS
    /* javascript here */

    But inserting just a $js = <<<JS ... JS; in the init-method is too easy to be true

    Does someone know how I could require some plain CDATA js-code?
    Or maybe someone knows how to get the data in a databasefield into a required js-file?

    Both ways would be fine.
    NOTE: I'm quite a js-noob

  • Willr
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    Re: require plain CDATA js-code trough function init() Link to this post

    You have to use Requirements::customScript()


    // your JS here


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