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  • evjan
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    Entire site crashes when I upload CMS field changes Link to this post


    I've made some changes to the CMS fields and the database structure of a template of mine. It works just fine on my machine, but when I upload it to my test server, the entire site crashes. I can't go to the admin login, I can't reach dev/build or anything, it just gives me:

    "Website Error
    There has been an error

    The website server has not been able to respond to your request."

    for every page I try to access. When I replace the php file in mysite/code with the old one, everything starts working again. What have I done wrong? This is the code that I've modified:

    class StartPage extends SiteTree {
       public static $db = array(
          'Puff1titel' => 'Varchar',
          'Puff1kolumn1titel' => 'Varchar',
          'Puff1kolumn1text' => 'Text',
          'Puff1kolumn2titel' => 'Varchar',
          'Puff1kolumn2text' => 'Text',
          'Puff2titel' => 'Varchar',
          'Puff2kolumntitel' => 'Varchar',
          'Puff2text' => 'Text'
       public static $has_one = array(
          "Puff1kolumn1link" => "SiteTree",
          "Puff1kolumn2link" => "SiteTree"
       function getCMSFields() {
        $fields = parent::getCMSFields();

        $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Main', new TextField('Puff1titel'), 'Content');
        $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Main', new TextField('Puff1kolumn1titel'), 'Content');
        $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Main', new TextareaField('Puff1kolumn1text'), 'Content');
        $fields->addFieldToTab("Root.Content.Main", new TreeDropdownField("Puff1kolumn1linkID", "Puff1kolumn1link", "SiteTree"));
        $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Main', new TextField('Puff1kolumn2titel'), 'Content');
        $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Main', new TextareaField('Puff1kolumn2text'), 'Content');
        $fields->addFieldToTab("Root.Content.Main", new TreeDropdownField("Puff1kolumn2linkID", "Puff1kolumn2link", "SiteTree"));
        $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Main', new TextField('Puff2titel'), 'Content');
        $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Main', new TextField('Puff2kolumntitel'), 'Content');
        $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.Content.Main', new TextareaField('Puff2text'), 'Content');
        $fields->removeFieldFromTab('Root.Content.Main', 'Content');
        return $fields;

  • Willr
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    Re: Entire site crashes when I upload CMS field changes Link to this post

    Turn on dev mode to see the full error message. Its will probably explain more about what the error is. Turn devmode on by adding this to your _config.php file


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