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  • Heike-san
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    CMS Error Link to this post

    I was trying to upload my website on a webserver and after many failed attempt I finally got it to work!!
    However each time I try to edit something in the cms i got this error:

    [Warning] Already directed to http://mywebserve.com/~admin15/admin/show/6; now trying to direct to http://mywebserve.com/~admin15/admin/show/6
    POST /~admin15/admin/EditForm

    Line 452 in /var/www/html/sapphire/core/control/Controller.php

    Then it shows where the code is "angry":

    443       }
    444    }
    446    /**
    447     * Redirct to the given URL.
    448     * It is generally recommended to call Director::redirect() rather than calling this function directly.
    449     */
    450    function redirect($url, $code=302) {
    451       if($this->response->getHeader('Location')) {
    452          user_error("Already directed to " . $this->response->getHeader('Location') . "; now trying to direct to $url", E_USER_WARNING);
    453          return;
    454       }
    456       // Attach site-root to relative links, if they have a slash in them
    457       if($url == "" || $url[0] == '?' || (substr($url,0,4) != "http" && $url[0] != "/" && strpos($url,'/') !== false)){
    458          $url = Director::baseURL() . $url;

    Does someone have an idea ? I am becoming hopeless, I have to present this website very soon and this bug come at a very bad moment...

  • Heike-san
    Community Member
    52 Posts

    Re: CMS Error Link to this post

    I managed to work out things a little bit better, however the look and feel of the CMS is somewhat different from the usual.
    Also I got those links : http://mywebserver.com/admin/show/6 for instance instead of http://mywebserver.com/admin/
    Finally, I can unpublish but I can't publish!!! It goes to http://mywebserver.com/admin/EditForm.

    Can anyone help ? I think I have used all the resources and patience that I disposed of!!

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