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  • baba-papa
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    FileIFrameField not displaying a value in popup "Show" Link to this post

    My class "Product extends DataObject" is shown in a ComplexTableField in the backend. I defined the fields to popup in the fifth parameter of the ComplexTableField:

    $productDetails = new FieldSet(
    new TextField('name', 'Name'),
    new TextareaField('shortDescription', 'Kurzbeschreibung'),
    new TextareaField('description', 'Beschreibung'),
    new SimpleImageField('image', 'Bild'),
    new FileIFrameField('pdf', 'Datenblatt'),
    new DropdownField('manufacturerID', 'Hersteller', $IDandName),
    new CheckboxSetField('mountingmode', 'Montageart', $IDandMountingMode)

    The popup "Show" shows values for all fields exept for the new FileIFrameField('pdf', 'Datenblatt'). The popup "Edit" shows the uploaded file. "pdf" is a relationship of "Product":

    static $has_one = array(
    'manufacturer' => 'Manufacturer',
    'categories' => 'Category',
    'image' => 'Image',
    'pdf' => 'File'

    How can I get the filename as the value of the popup "Show"?

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