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  • maryfran
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    Covert DataObject to page Link to this post

    I was wondering if it is possible to import the data from a dataobject and change it to a page?

    My client decided that they wanted a full page as opposed to a javascript pop up for each of their products.

    Is there an easy way to do this, or do I need to re-enter everything?

    Any advice is appreciated!

  • Willr
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    Re: Covert DataObject to page Link to this post

    It would be pretty trivial to write a little migration task which did something like

    // mysite/code/PageMigrationTask

    class PageMigrationTask extends MigrationTask {

    function run() {

    // go through each object making a new page
    $objects = DataObject::get('MyObject');
    foreach($objects as $object) {

    $page = new Page();
    $page->Title = $object->Title;
    $page->ParentID = $ID of page you want these to be under
    $page->publish('Stage', 'Live');

    Then you can run the migration task when you want by going site.com/dev/tasks/PageMigrationTask

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