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  • NickJacobs
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    Conditional redirect page for seasons Link to this post

    In a site under development I have a series of pages which show seasonal highlights, ie:

    + Seasonal-highlights

    Seasonal-highlights is a redirector page type, and I want it to redirect to one of the children based on a month value

    if month=12,1,2 -> summer
    if month=3,4,5 -> autumn
    if month=6,7,8 -> winter
    if month=9,10,11 -> spring

    Is it possible to alter/override the redirector page behaviour?

  • zenmonkey
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    Re: Conditional redirect page for seasons Link to this post

    You can either extend the Redirector Page type and create your own class the same way you extend any page just instead of Pagetype extends Page you use PageType extends RedirectorPage just make sure you still extend the Page Controller. Or you could copy the contents of Redirector page into a new page type and add any functionality to that

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