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  • nekranox
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    PaddedResize in controller? Link to this post

    Hey guys,

    I am currently using $image->SetWidth inside one of my PHP controllers but would like to use the same functionality that's provided by $Image.PaddedResize in the template. I couldn't find a PaddedResize method in Image.php.

    The closest I found was generateFormattedImage() which looks like it can access internal functions that might provide a padded resize. I couldn't get it to return anything sensible.

    Any ideas? Thanks,


    code for reference:

       public function LoadMainImages() {
          $images = DataObject::get('GalleryImage', 'GalleryImage.'.$this->ClassName.'ID='.$this->ID);
          $output = new DataObjectSet();
          foreach($images as $image) {
             $image->ImageFile = DataObject::get('File', 'File.ID='.$image->ImageFileID)->items;
             $image->ImageFile = $image->ImageFile[0]->SetWidth($this->MainImageWidth, $this->MainImageHeight);
             $image->ResizedImage = $image->ImageFile->record['Filename'];
          return $output;

  • pac
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    Re: PaddedResize in controller? Link to this post

    $Image.PaddedImage(80, 80)
    can use a 3rd argument with the Hex background color I think

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