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  • snaip
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    print array ,another problem Link to this post


    i cant find any solution for my problem (probably pretty easy)

    i have an array

    $array = array();

    $data = DataObject::get('ModulKalendariumRok');
    foreach ($data as $row) {
    $data = DataObject::get('ModulKalendarium', "Rok = '$row->Rok'");
    foreach ($data as $row) {
    $array['Kalendarium'][$row->Rok][] = $row->Wydarzenie;

    return new ArrayData($array);

    >>>>>> print_r($array) >>>>>>

    [Kalendarium] => Array
    [2011] => Array
    [0] => test 2011
    [1] => test v2 2011

    [2010] => Array
    [0] => test 2010



    how to display it in the template to getting something like this:

    - test 2011
    - test v2 2011

    - test 2010


  • Silverfish
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    Re: print array ,another problem Link to this post

    Hi snaip,

    assuming that you create the array() within an Model extending Page / SiteTree I guess I would create a DataObjectSet (http://api.silverstripe.org/2.4/sapphire/model/DataObjectSet.html) and return it to the Template. There you can loop it as a control.

    Besides that I think that you should try to get this DataObjectSet directly from DB, without writing it into an array first and than back. Also I would try to get the Set with just one request. Doing DB-Requests (DataObject::get()) within a loop are not ideal for system performance and can be usually replaced by a single one (that's what databases live for ;)).


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