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  • BenWu
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    DataExtension and canView Link to this post

    Hello All,

    There is a method in the DataExtension.php in the framework. I am not sure what it does.

    I got a list of models ( Lead, Task, Note), I want to apply the same canView permission to them. Rather than writing canView/canEdit/canCreate for each of them, I create a PermissionExt class which has only 3 methods (canView, canEdit, canCreate), and then add this extension to the models (Lead,Task,Note) on _config.php

    but it doesn't work at all.

    One way to get around it is to define PermissionExt as another dataobject, and Lead,Task,Note will be a subclass of it. But I would like to understand how the dataextension works, and it sounds like more flexible way to do it

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