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    Many-Many link tables have Integer data-type? Link to this post

    In the standard Many-Many tables used by SilverStripe, on my site (running on PostgreSQL), the foreign key columns have an integer datatype, as opposed to a bigint datatype similar to the "ID" primary keys on each table.

    Is this intentional and is there an automated way of changing this to bigints without having to do it by hand? Does SilverStripe perhaps scale the size of the foreign-key used to fit the amount of data in the tables?

    As an example, heres the definition of the Group_Members table:

    Table "public.Group_Members"
    Column | Type | Modifiers
    ID | bigint | not null default nextval('"Group_Members_ID_seq"'::regclass)
    GroupID | integer | default 0
    MemberID | integer | default 0
    "Group_Members_pkey" PRIMARY KEY, btree ("ID")
    "ix_7a41fa7b78fca2fc710b259121fb520f" btree ("GroupID")
    "ix_f7f7aa45c138f0425dd5e5b52a084780" btree ("MemberID")
    "ix_group_members_groupid" btree ("GroupID")
    "ix_group_members_memberid" btree ("MemberID")

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