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  • markus85
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    PassedID can not be checked ?!? Link to this post

    Hello folks, that´s my situation:
    I have a page called "SpielerHolder" containing many DataObjects "Spieler". If you click on one of these "Spieler" you click on a link to "DetailSpieler" where some details are shown.

    I created a link and added the $ID of the selected "Spieler"
    In the page "DetailSpieler" I want to get the whole DataObject from the Page_Controller but this doesnt work.
    Here is the code:


    <td><a href="DetailSpieler/$ID">$Vorname $Nachname</a></td>


    <% control showSpieler %>

          $Vorname $Nachname

       <% end_control %>


    class DetailSpieler_Controller extends Page_Controller{

       function showSpieler(){

          if($id = Director::urlParam('ID')) {      // Wir haben eine ID erhalten
             return DataObject::get_by_id("Spieler", $id);

             return DataObject::get_by_id("Spieler",1);



    In the if-clause I check whether there is an ID or not, the code in this clause is never been executed.
    I always get the DataObject in the else-clause.

    Here is an example URL:

    Can anyone give me a hint why the if-clause isn´t executed?

  • markus85
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    Re: PassedID can not be checked ?!? Link to this post

    Here is a working code snippet for the prob. above

    function getAuftrag(){
          $Params = Director::urlParams();
          $auftragsID = $Params['Action'];
             return DataObject::get_by_id("Auftrag", "$auftragsID");

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