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  • FlorianH
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    Bad class to singleton() - Group_Unsecure Link to this post

    After setting up a new DataBase on another Server, copying the Data from my old database to the new one (Import and Export) and changing the Data in the _config.php, I always get that Message, only db/build/ works. When disabling the dev-Mode in the config, I get an "WebSite Error" Message even at /db/build/.

    I wonder where that Group_Unsecure comes from, I searched in the whole php Code and found nothing, in the MySQL Table I found it in the classname enum of the "Group" table. Deleting the 'Group_Unsecure' from the enum doesn't have any effect. /db/build/ will add it again.

    I really need help on this, thanks in advance.

    EDIT: I also tried to set up the tables by installing a fresh silverstripe and then use /db/build of my real working copy, same problem.

    EDIT2: When I create the tables with /db/build instead of the install script or copying the database it works well except of having no administrator. Creating one with phpmyadmin (or copying the data from a working version to my new one) fails, too (same problem).

  • Hamish
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    Re: Bad class to singleton() - Group_Unsecure Link to this post

    FYI - this came up in the IRC channel. Manually emptying the silverstripe cache (usually your tmp directory) should fix the problem.

    The cause in that case was an upgrade to a new version of SilverStripe that removed the Group_Unsecure class, but the manifest file still existed. It seems to be the install script isn't clearing the tmp folder first.

    Added some more info to this ticket, which I believe is related:


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