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Maintainer(s): UncleCheese
Supported by: Community

The dataobject_manager module is an extension to ComplexTableField that allows robust management of DataObjects related to a Page. The DataObjectManager class further cascades into subclasses FileDataObjectManager and ImageDataObjectManager, which add more features specific to file-containing DataObjects. It also comes bundled with some useful widgets including SimpleTreeDropdownField, DatePickerField, and SimpleHTMLEditorField.


  • Column sorting
  • Live search field
  • Custom filter field
  • Live page sizing
  • Drag-and-drop reordering
  • Bulk uploading
  • File type and size filtering
  • Upload progress bar
  • File importing
  • Toggleable list/grid view of files
  • Image sizing tool (ImageDataObjectManager only)
  • Clean and intuitive UI
Module screenshot


  • Latest master build

    To get a preview of our next release, download the latest build of unstable git master branch here. Please be careful: this is more likely to contain bugs, especially on modules undergoing a lot of development.

    SHA hash: 5e8029834108c13cfb94042387e1b98ffeb9e499
    Build Date: 2013-09-14
    Download: DataObjectManager-master-HEAD.tar.gz

    Unstable Git access: git://github.com/unclecheese/DataObjectManager.git


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