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    Nested ImageGalleries; usability suggestions Link to this post

    Thank you UncleCheese for a great module. It works pretty darn well. However, I'm hoping it can be tweaked a bit...

    At first I thought I could create a group of ImageGalleries by grouping them under just a regular page. This worked just fine, but what I realized in the course of doing it is that what I really want is an ImageGallery page that contains both albums and other ImageGallery pages. I tried doing this in the back-end, and it seemed to work fine; but on the front-end, only the albums of the ImageGallery page are listed, not the child ImageGallery pages. So it seems like it isn't really a structural problem, but rather simply a matter of telling the template to display the child pages if they exist. I see an "Albums" control in ImageGalleryPage.ss; is there a way to use or create a "Children" control in this file that will list any subpages that might be available?

    ----Interface Feedback-----

    In the course of using various parts of the module, a couple of things struck me: when dragging images around within an album to rearrange their order, the dialog to edit the image always pops up when the image is dropped. Not a huge deal, but when rearranging several dozen image, it's an extra click and wait for the dialog to get out of the way. It seems like a drag and drop event should not trigger a click event.

    In the dialog for creating a new Album (entering a name and description), I kept clicking on the "Close" button thinking it would automatically save my changes. It took about 3 tries to figure out that I was skipping the blue "Save and add Cover Image" button. It seems like either the Close button should cause the changes to be save (it's easy enough to delete an album if you don't actually want it), or a Save button go next to the Close button to make it obvious that Close isn't going to save anything.

    Nothing serious obviously, just some observations from using the module.

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