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  • MarcusDalgren
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    DOM search mangles international characters in IE8 Link to this post

    Took me awhile to solve this but I finally managed to fix this so that it works in all browsers. The problem is the way the URL is constructed in the js before it's sent. My changes turn the url variables into an object and send it through $.get instead of $.ajax and it now works in all browsers that I've tried.

    Request building in the search function line 218

    request = window.setTimeout(function() {
       var url = $(container_id).attr('href').replace(/\[search\]=(.)*?&/, '[search]='+$input.val()+'&');
       var getObj = {};
       var getUrl = url.split("?");
       var getVars = getUrl.pop().split("&");
       var tempGet = [];
       getUrl = getUrl.shift();

       for (i = 0; i < getVars.length; i++) {
          tempGet = getVars.split("=");
          getObj[tempGet[0]] = tempGet[1];
       refresh($container, getUrl, getObj, '#srch_fld');

    Refresh function line 383

    function refresh($div, link, getVars, focus)
        // Kind of a hack. Pass the list of ids to the next refresh
        var listValue = ($div.hasClass('RelationDataObjectManager')) ? jQuery('#'+$div.attr('id')+'_CheckedList').val() : false;
        jQuery.get(link, getVars, function(html){
          if(!$div.next().length && !$div.prev().length)
          if(listValue) {
          var $container = jQuery('#'+$div.attr('id'));
          if (typeof focus == 'string') {

  • UncleCheese
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    Re: DOM search mangles international characters in IE8 Link to this post

    Great, thanks for that!

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