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  • poblom
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    Problem with TimeField in popup Link to this post

    I have two DatetimeFields in a DOM-popup, among a few other fields like SimpleTinyMCEFields, a regular textfield and a nested hasmanyFileDOM. This worked as expected and nicely using SS 2.4.0. After upgrading to SS 2.4.1 the DatetimeFields only works halfway. The DateField works but the TimeField doesn't get the dropdown populated.

    Firebug gives the error "Behaviour is not registrated". This is related to the TimeField_dropdown.js file. So obviously a js-problem. I have stared at the relevant code for some time now but i am not the man to debug this.

    Removed all other fields in the popup, but no dice, same problem. Also tried a DatetimeField on a regular page and that works, so it seems to be an issue with loading it in a DOM-popup.


  • UncleCheese
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    Re: Problem with TimeField in popup Link to this post

    I don't think that form field is compatible with DOM. It's full of all kinds of legacy javascript garbage, unfortunately. It needs to be updated the way the date fields have.

  • Room9
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    Re: Problem with TimeField in popup Link to this post

    I created a ticket for this, maybe someone can review the legacy javascript garbage Time dropdown can't be too hard.


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