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  • prawnstar
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    Display order - solved Link to this post

    ss - 2.4.0
    dom - r414

    In my dataobject controller I am using:
    static $default_sort = "BannerWeight ASC";

    "BannerWeight" is an INT field to weight the sort-order of the data return.

    When I enable and use DOM the data is returned in last-in-first-out order, but when I use the default ManyManyComplexTableField the data is returned correctly i.e., in the $default_sort order specified.

    This isn't a huge deal, but for consistency sake, I'd like to keep all my data objects controlled by DOM.

    Any thoughts? Remove the BannerWeight field and use drag-and-drop sorting?

    Edit: I just realized that the DOM adds a sort field that it sorts by. My bad.
    I do wonder how you override that. It would be nice to use both, DOM and be able to custom sort.

    Edit 2: Just don't add it to the add_sortable_classes in _config.php. Duh!


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