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  • Scorpiankh
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    updating/switching modules Link to this post

    Just a quick question ... When updating modules to a new version or revision ... or switching to another module .... what's the best way to do it? Is it ok to just upload the new module over the old one? Or delete the old module folder from the website and then upload the new one? Or do you need to delete the modules tables from the database?

    I'm looking at switching to uploadify from swfupload, and updating DOM to the latest revision at the same time, normally I'd just delete the old module from the website and then upload the new one, but the deadline for this website is looming closer and I'm trying to avoid running into problems before they occur.

  • Howard
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    Re: updating/switching modules Link to this post

    It is a good idea to confirm that the latest modules all work with your current SS installation. From there you should backup any files you are about to replace (ie download the current module off your site to your local machine) and also backup the database by exporting it and downloading it. This means that if for some reason it all goes to crap during the upgrade then you can just upload the same files, import your database from the backup and you will be up and running again the you were before.

    When you upgrade a module it doesn't matter if you just overwrite the folder or delete and then upload the new one. Unless you're confident I would replace one module at a time then run dev/build incase any database changes are included in the upgrade. Then confirm that the site is still working - once you've checked then upload the next module and do the same process again.

    Of course you could just not back up anything, replace all the modules at the same time, run dev/build and cross your fingers but I don't think many would advise that...

    In your case uploadify can co-exist with swfupload so it doesn't need to be replaced but you may as well delete it.

    Hope this helps

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