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    Uploadify ModSecurity Error Link to this post

    Hi, I know this is only tangentially related to DataObjectManager/ImageGallery, but we're having issues uploading files with Uploadify due in part, I think, by our somewhat strict ModSecurity rules on our host. Attempting to upload anything via Uploadify causes the uploadify dialog to fail with a red error flashing "HTTP Error" and this error to spring up in our logs:

    [Fri Dec 03 10:31:19 2010] [error] [client *********] ModSecurity: Warning. Match of "rx ^OPTIONS$" against "REQUEST_METHOD" required. [file "/etc/httpd/conf.d/modsecurity/modsecurity_crs_21_protocol_anomalies.conf"] [line "48"] [id "960015"] [msg "Request Missing an Accept Header"] [severity "CRITICAL"] [hostname "*********"] [uri "/admin/assets/EditForm/field/Files/UploadifyForm/field/UploadedFiles/upload"]

    We'll definitely request our IT manager to disable this rule if that's what's needed, but I thought it'd be good to point out if others are having the same issues and if there is something on your end you can look at, Uncle Cheese.


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