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Discuss the DataObjectManager module, and the related ImageGallery module.

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  • jarop
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    DOM and imagegallery in ss 2.4.5 Link to this post


    i have a problem with the dom ig in silverstripe 2.4.5.
    Fresh installed ss (xampp) all works fine.
    I install the DOM with uploadify, seems to be ok.
    Now i install the Imagegallerymodul but it doesn't work.
    Everytime i create a ig-page and want to ad some pics ss redirect me out of the cms menu, and shows a blank site with a upload menu. But i can't upload or ad pics here.
    Is there a specific version of the modules i had to use with ss 2.4.5 ?

    Thanks for your help

  • jarop
    Community Member
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    Re: DOM and imagegallery in ss 2.4.5 Link to this post

    Ok i solve the problem.

    It was a problem with the folder names.

    >Make sure you have correctly named the folders "dataobject_manager" and "uploadify"

    After i rename the folders it works fine.

  • CHD
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    Re: DOM and imagegallery in ss 2.4.5 Link to this post

    im having a mare with the latest version of image_gallery and ss 2.4.5
    it all works fine locally, but as soon as i upload i have problems.

    clicking "create image gallery page" does nothing. (emails an error to me saying: Error: Uncaught Exception: Cannot move /var/www/vhosts/cafemusicstudios.com/httpdocs/assets/image-gallery/NewImageGalleryPage-8/ to /var/www/vhosts/cafemusicstudios.com/httpdocs/assets/image-gallery/NewImageGalleryPage-10/
    At line 422 in /var/www/vhosts/cafemusicstudios.com/httpdocs/sapphire/filesystem/File.php )
    if i refresh, the page appears, but if i try and upload an image it throws up a server error. and emails me a very similar error message to the one above.

    looks like permission issues with image_gallery creating directories?
    but my whole assets directory is 777.
    AND ive even tried manually creating the directories myself and giving them all 777 but it still fails.

    any help?!

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