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  • k0m0r
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    on popup open / close Link to this post

    Uncle Cheese,

    I bumped into following issue - I'm using DOM to manage collection of objects. And I have a cron script operating on the same collection every hour. I'm looking for a way to temporarily 'block' an object that the user is currently editing, so that cron will not change the object before user saves changes.
    The easiest way would be to set a flag on object when user opens a popup in DOM, and reset it when the popup is closed. I tried to do it in getCMSFields_forPopup() and then in onBeforeWrite() but it doesn't solve my problem, as DOM *reloads* the popup after saving, not closes it.
    Is there a way to commit an action each time user opens or closes a popup in DOM (with edited object as a param)?
    If not, what is the best way to mark currently edited object as 'being edited'?

    Thx for help.

  • UncleCheese
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    Re: on popup open / close Link to this post

    The only thing I can think of is to set the flag on getCMSFields() and unset it in an onAfterWrite() handler by introspecting the getChangedFields() function. Basically you'd want to unset it provided anything other than the locking field has changed.

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