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  • Chris_Bryer
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    canDelete and functions in the constructors FieldList Link to this post

    For some reason i cant get a dataobject's function canDelete() and canEdit() to work on DataObjectManager. my code works with CTF, but not DOM.

    class MyDataObject extends DataObject{
    function canDelete(){
             case 'None':
                return false;
                return true;
          return true;

    also, with ComplexTableFields, i can call a function through the fieldList in the CTF constructor. I can also get values from relationships through dot notation as well. how can i do this with DOM? here's an example with CTF's:

    (in DataObject 'OptionItem')
    function weightWithSymbol(){
          return $this->WeightModifier.' lbs';

    (in CTF constructor)
    $optionSet = new ComplexTableField(
                'Title' => 'Title',
                'weightWithSymbol' => 'Weight Modifier',
                'PriceModifier' => 'Price Modifier',
                'CodeModifier' => 'Code Modifier',
                'ProductOptionGroup.Title' => 'Option Group'


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