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    DataObjectManager popup height Link to this post

    Ever had one of those days when your hands are almost grasping tightly around a clients neck?.. it happened to me recently..

    A client approached me for a CMS site, naturally first thought SS and some DOM to make life easy, yesterday i went to see theclient for a few hours to run through how to use the CMS and hit a problem right away, theclient does not have a PC or Laptop but a NETBOOK (approximatley 10 inches) which is causing issues with DOM popup height.

    Basically the opaque part of the popup near the bottom is covering part of the tinymce field and inputted text cannot be seen even when using the vertical scrollbar, does anyone have this issue previously and have a work around,? either forcing a larger popup height or changing the transparency of the opaque layer of the popup.


    Seems i may have a fix for netbook users, simple css restyling, changed line 170 in dataobject_manager.css

    .DataObjectManager-popup #fade {height:32px;background: url('../images/fade.png') repeat-x;position:fixed;left:0;z-index:100;}

    .DataObjectManager-popup #fade {height:32px;background:transparent; z-index:100;}

    wont know if its a 100% fix till i see the client, but it removes the fade image overly that seemed to be causing the problem

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