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  • JonC
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    Question re Album Cover Images Link to this post

    Hi, all. I'm a newbie to SS, and am having some difficulty working with image_gallery.

    I'm trying to cause a page to display an album's cover art as well as all the images in the album in a list of thumbnails, with clicking on the cover art or any of the thumbnails bringing up a shadowbox via shadowbox.js. I am able to access the thumbnails, but not the album's cover art.

    Code below:

    HTML code, using a page that extends ImageGalleryPage.php

    <% control GalleryItems %>
    <li><a href="$Image.URL" rel="shadowbox[gallery]">$Image.CroppedImage(100,60)</a></li>

    <% end_control %>

    This code displays a nice list of everything in the album, but I also need the cover art. I attempted to get access to the album cover art this way:

    <% control Albums %>

    <% control FormattedCoverImage %>
    <a href="$Image.URL" rel=" ">$Image.CroppedImage(300,200)</a>
    <% end_control %>

    <% control GalleryItems %>
    <li><a href="$Image.URL" rel="shadowbox">$Image.CroppedImage(100,60)</a></li>
    <% end_control %>

    <% end_control %>

    Nothing displays from the first control, but the second control continues to work.

    What's the proper way to do this?

  • UncleCheese
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    Re: Question re Album Cover Images Link to this post

    FormattedCoverImage() returns an Image object, so you don't need to traverse to to $URL like that. It's already in scope.

    GalleryItems, on the other hand, returns ImageGalleryItem objects, which have a relation to an Image, so you need to traverse to it..

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