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  • sergieboy
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    managing iterative model Link to this post

    A little part of my datamodel has an iterative design (management of Universities and HighSchools):

    Two DataObjects in consideration here: Chair and Module.
    Universities have different chairs. Each chair has different 'modules'. A module will consist
    of different other modules, which will consist of other modules.....Finaly, the smallest module
    will be in fact a course given by a certain professor on a certain day with certain resources involved.
    Each modules is an independant modules which has a number of characteristics associated with.
    Each module is defined by the governement, and should be possible to be given in a number of universities.
    Since defined modules are unique and should be interchanged between universities, there is a m-n relationschip
    between university and module. We cannot define at forehand how deep the number of levels will be. This would
    restrict freedom of organizing the courses and exchanging modules between universities.
    This implies (!) that you have following relationships :
    Chair n--------m Module
    Module n-------m Module ( ! )

    Is it possible to implement a management interface in the CMS with DataObjectManager ?
    I love the video of Uncle Cheese concerning the nested DOM. Works brilliant for 1 --- n relationships.
    The Module n----- m Module relationship works only till the first level.
    the DOM works fine and ask level 1, then you add level2 , level3....
    But the result is that all the modules on different levels are added on level1. The master-child relationships
    are not realized.(correct relationship tree not constructed).
    In the module_module table (php myadmin) no entries are created...

    Of course , if I make my module a page, that would resolve this problem.
    But having something as thousand pages (estimated order), would SS handle this ?

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