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Discuss the DataObjectManager module, and the related ImageGallery module.

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    Re: Does anybody have a working example of DOM in the front-end? Link to this post

    Hmmmm I have it almost working. Well I can add objects via the frontend DOM now, but I cant figure out the relationships.

    here's my code:

       function RatesForm(){
       $Apartment = $this->getApartment();   
       $Manager = new DataObjectManager(
          array('dateStart' => 'dateStart'),
          'ApartmentID = ' . $Apartment->ID

       $Manager->setPermissions(array("show","edit", "add"));   
       $fields = new FieldSet(
       if($Apartment)   {
       $fields->push(new HiddenField('ID','ID',$Apartment->ID));
       return new Form($this->dataRecord, 'RatesForm', $fields, new FieldSet());

    So that lists all the rates related to this apartment fine, but I can't edit them, clicking them throws up this error: [Notice] Trying to get property of non-object which is because I have the filter in there based on a $this request for apartment. as soon as you click the dataObject the URL changes and as a result there's no apartment to get an ID from.
    As you can see I've put the Apartment ID into the form with a hidden field, but I can't figure out how to pass that to the DOM pop up.... if I take out the filter I can add/edit rates fine, but I need to make sure the user only see's the rates related to this apartment. I hope that makes sense!

    can anybody shed any light on this?

    P.S - my pop up still doesn't work either, it just opens a new page with the form fields, but I assume that can be fixed later, the pop up doesn't matter to the actual functionality, right?

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