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  • HeartlandTech
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    Podcast Module - Adding another file attachment Link to this post

    Does anyone know how I could add a file attachment (like a PDF) to the current Podcast Module? I have changed the code so that I can attach the PDF document to my podcast, but I can't seem to get it to spit out the link. Here's my template file:

    <% require css(podcast/css/Podcast.css) %>

    <% if Image %>
    <span id="episode-image">
    <% end_if %>
    <% control singleEpisode %>
       <% control Attachment %>
          <p><% _t('PlayNow','Play now') %>: $Player</p>
       <% end_control %>
       <p id="shownotes">$ShowNotes</p>
       <% control Attachment %>
          <p><a href="$link"><% _t('Download','Download MP3') %></a></p>
       <% end_control %>
       <% control Sermon_Notes %>
          <p><a href="$sermon_link"><% _t('Download','Download Sermon Notes') %></a></p>
       <% end_control %>
    <% end_control %>

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