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  • pinkp
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    Uploadify ImageGallery: Only allows single image to upload: FIX Link to this post

    Im adding this post as I keep getting this problem and for those of you who need help like I did this is what fixed my problem.

    Basically when I installed ImageGallery and Uploadify I sometimes have an issue where the Pop Up box for uploading new images has two browse buttons overlapping and will then only allow me to choose a single image to be uploaded from my computer.

    This was only occurring in image gallery and not Files & Images.

    The issue was the 'javascript' folder. Obviously there is a conflict between releases and the versions I have. So if you have the same issue I suggest you update the 'javascript' folder with the files below.

    Perhaps this is only an issue for people like me who have older versions which I use as templates for newer sites. Anyway that was the problem. Hope this helps someone.

    This is the script that I used.


    // We'll avoid relying on any specific JS framework to keep this open.
    window.onload = function() {
       if(gallery = document.getElementById('gallery-list'))
          gallery.className = "gallery-layout loaded";


    (function($) {
    $(function() {
       $('.rotate-controls a').click(function() {
          link = $(this).attr('href');
           url: link,
           success: function(html){
              $('#preview-image img.preview').attr('src', html);
          return false;



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