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  • arnhoe
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    ImageDataObjectManager in SiteConfig Link to this post


    I have managed to get myself a many_many relationship in the siteconfig, my goal is that, the user is able to upload a image and select one or more items from the menu.

    Now, I would like to filter in the CMS on a menu item, and then it will show the images this menu item has. But I am not sure if I created my pages in the way it should be. Is there anyone that would like to check my pages?

    class BannerImages extends DataObject
       static $db = array('Title' => 'Text');

       static $has_one = array(
          'SiteConfig' => 'SiteConfig',
          'myImage' => 'BetterImage'

       static $many_many = array('Images' => 'SiteTree');

       public function getCMSFields_forPopup()
          $images = DataObject::get('SiteTree', 'ShowInMenus = 1');
          return new FieldSet(new TextField('Title'), new FileIFrameField('myImage'), new CheckboxSetField('Images', 'Images', $images));



    class CustomSiteConfig extends DataObjectDecorator

       function extraStatics()
          return array('has_many' => array('Images' => 'BannerImages'));

       public function updateCMSFields(FieldSet &$fields)

          $manager = new ImageDataObjectManager($this -> owner, 'Images', 'BannerImages', 'myImage', array('Title' => 'Title'), 'getCMSFields_forPopup');

          $manager -> setParentClass("SiteConfig");
          $manager -> setPluralTitle('Images');
          $manager -> setRelationAutoSetting(false);
          $manager -> setFilter('ID', // Name of field to filter
          'Filter by Page', // Label for filter
          Dataobject::get("SiteTree") -> toDropdownMap("ID", "Title") // Map for filter (could be $dataObject->toDropdownMap(), e.g.)

          $fields -> addFieldToTab("Root.Images", $manager);



    And I am calling my code in the following way, I am really certain that this isnt the right way, but I tried DataObject::get, but I cannot call the CurrentPageID to equal with the SiteTreeID.

    public function BannerImages()
          // build a new sql query
          $sqlQuery = new SQLQuery();
          $sqlQuery -> select = array('a.SiteTreeID AS sitetreeid, a.BannerImagesID as bannerimagesid, b.myImageID as Image, c.Filename as ImageURL');
          $sqlQuery -> from = array("`bannerimages_images` a LEFT JOIN `bannerimages` b on a.BannerImagesID = b.ID LEFT JOIN `file` c on b.myImageID = c.ID");
          $sqlQuery -> where = array("SiteTreeID = " . $this -> ID . "");
          $sqlQuery -> distinct = true;
          $sqlQuery -> orderby = "RAND()";
          $sqlQuery -> limit = "1";

          $rawSQL = $sqlQuery -> sql();
          $result = $sqlQuery -> execute();

          // create a new data object set
          $myDataObjectSet = new DataObjectSet();

          // push our result into the data object set
          foreach ($result as $row) {
             $myDataObjectSet -> push(new ArrayData($row));

          return $myDataObjectSet;


    I hope you guys can help me, so I will be able to help any other people in the future with this matter.

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