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    What's the right way to use DOM with DataObjectDecorator Link to this post

    I have this piece of code in my decorator, which is mostly copy-paste from FormScaffolder to add a field for the many_many attribute Contacts.

    public function updateCMSFields(FieldSet &$fields) {
       $component = 'Contact';
       $relationship = 'Contacts';
       $relationshipFields = $this->getRelationshipFields();
       $filterWhere = $this->owner->getManyManyFilter($relationship, $component);
       $filterJoin = $this->owner->getManyManyJoin($relationship, $component);

       $dom = new DataObjectManager($this->owner,
       $tab = $fields->findOrMakeTab('Root.Main.Contacts',

    Existing contacts show up in the field as expected. But if I add a new contact, the contact it is saved in the Contact table, as expected, but the relation is not saved in the relationship table. If I replace DataObjectManager with ComplexTableField it works as it should.

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